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what are the health benefits of whey protein?

Maintain a Healthy Weight: A reduced calorie, higher protein diet including whey protein may improve the quality of weight loss by helping you lose more fat and/or maintain more lean muscle.

Curb Hunger: Calorie for calorie, whey protein can help people feel fuller longer than carbohydrates or fats.

Get Lean: Consuming whey protein and performing resistance exercise regularly can help build more lean muscle than resistance training alone or resistance training combined with carbohydrate consumption.

Enhance Exercise Recovery: Consuming whey protein after exercise helps to build and repair muscle.

Reduce Muscle Loss with Aging: Emerging research shows older Americans may be able to reduce the age-related decline of muscle mass by engaging in resistance training and consuming higher than the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) for protein.

Information provided by the National Dairy Council