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DeliciousLiving.com features tera'swhey® as one of the cleanest protein powders! (PDF)
tera'swhey Vanilla Honey Goat Whey Protein powder is highlighted for providing a delicious, ultra clean protein option that's easier on sensitive tummies than cow's milk and offers 20 grams of protein per serving.

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tera'swhey® in InStyle Magazine (PDF)
InStyle Magazine
tera'swhey® Organic whey protein powders were featured in the June issue of InStyle Magazine as one of the recommended proteins to use to Boost Your Juice!

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tera'swhey® in InStyle Magazine - View the Article


tera'swhey® featured on New Hope 360° as one of the '7 standout supplements' from EXPO East 2012!
NewHope Natural Media
NewHope Natural Media has been the leading media resource and information provider for the natural, organic and healthy-lifestyle products industry. The tera'swhey® Organic "Grass Fed" Plain whey protein was recently featured on the NewHope 360° website as one of the "7 Standout Supplements" from EXPO East 2012. We're extremely honored and excited to have been chosen as this year's standout supplement! Watch the video here to learn more!


tera'swhey® featured on National Television!
The Doctors
Watch how Aisha Tyler (host of The Talk) uses the tera'swhey® Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate whey protein in her age-defying smoothie on the October 8th episode of The Doctors!



Fresh Friday: Fuel up with tera'swhey® Organic Whey-Summer Dark Chocolate Smoothie Heaven

Organic Runner Mom

OrganicRunnerMom uses tera'swhey® Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate in her Summer Smoothie! Learn how to make this recipe and insight on how OrganicRunnerMom maintain an organic lifestyle.


The Green Light Initiative at the Natural Products Expo
Huffington Post
tera'swhey® has a booth at the 2011 Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, and gets the attention of the Huffington Post.


DBIC honors two Wisconsin companies for Innovation Awards
Dairy Business Innovation Center
tera'swhey® is one of two Wisconsin dairy companies that has been recognized by the Dairy Business Innovation Center for their leadership and dedication to growing Wisconsin's dairy industry.


Tera Johnson's big idea: tera'swhey®
Tera Johnson begins the tour of her one-of-a-kind organic whey processing plant at its back entrance, in front of a double-wide delivery bay. here, on busy days, 20 tanker trucks roll in to deliver up to a million pounds of the sloshy cheese byproduct.


Wisconsin's tera'swhey® goes global with flavors
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
one year after breaking ground to build the nation's first facility to process whey from organic cow's, goat's and sheep's milk cheeses, Wisconsin Specialty Protein has launched a new line of whey protein products.


tera'swhey® featured on Discover Wisconsin - America’s Dairyland - Dairy Heiresses
Discover Wisconsin
watch the video of Wisconsin's "Dairy Heiresses", and how Tera is keeping the tradition of woman owned dairy companies alive in Wisconsin.