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try some of these delicious recipes for shakes, smoothies, drinks and other foods using tera'swhey® natural whey protein! most people use tera'swhey® to get more protein in their diets. mixed in a shaker bottle with fresh juice, milk, or a milk substitute like almond, rice or coconut milk, a tera'swhey® shake has an entire meal of protein in it. people who are already making smoothies with fruit and yogurt or water in a blender find that tera'swhey® is a great addition to their own favorite concoction. and don't be limited by liquids - baking with tera'swhey® is a great option to give a protein boost to cookies, muffins and more!

click on any of the delicious recipes below to view a printable pdf pdf:

Vanilla Spinach Frozen Yogurt

Fruit Medley Frozen Yogurt Bars

Whey Good for you Alfredo Pasta

Healthy Banana Cinnamon Protein Bars

Sweet Protein Fruit Dip

Hearty Morning Oatmeal - Pam Lyon

Banana Chocolate Chip Power Muffins - Tera Busker

Nutterberry Smoothie - Kelly Miller

Cran-yummy Dark Chocolate Pancakes - Kelly Miller

Lemon Chia Seed Muffins - Kelly Miller

Café Bourbon Vanilla - Nicole Mignone

Super Charged Blueberry Surprise Smoothie - Nicole Mignone

Caribbean Coconana Smoothie - Jennifer Whiteford

Mango-licious Smoothie - Bri Rohne

Berry-Blast Smoothie - Bri Rohne

Bourbon-Berry Smoothie - Bri Rohne

Iced Mocha Café - Jennifer Whiteford

Pine-Berry Smoothie - Julia Brucker

Berry-green Protein Shake - Julia Brucker

Berry-nut smoothie - Karen Butowsky