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try some of these delicious recipes for shakes, smoothies, drinks and other foods using tera'swhey® natural whey protein! most people use tera'swhey® to get more protein in their diets. mixed in a shaker bottle with fresh juice, milk, or a milk substitute like almond, rice or coconut milk, a tera'swhey® shake has an entire meal of protein in it. people who are already making smoothies with fruit and yogurt or water in a blender find that tera'swhey® is a great addition to their own favorite concoction. and don't be limited by liquids - baking with tera'swhey® is a great option to give a protein boost to cookies, muffins and more!

click on any of the delicious recipes below to view a printable pdf pdf:

Spiced Appledoodle Protein Cookies

Pumpkin Pie Protein Spice Bars

Broccoli Cheddar Protein Soup

Vanilla Spinach Frozen Yogurt

Fruit Medley Frozen Yogurt Bars

Whey Good for you Alfredo Pasta

Healthy Banana Cinnamon Protein Bars

Sweet Protein Fruit Dip

Hearty Morning Oatmeal - Pam Lyon

Banana Chocolate Chip Power Muffins - Tera Busker

Nutterberry Smoothie - Kelly Miller

Cran-yummy Dark Chocolate Pancakes - Kelly Miller

Lemon Chia Seed Muffins - Kelly Miller

Café Bourbon Vanilla - Nicole Mignone

Super Charged Blueberry Surprise Smoothie - Nicole Mignone

Caribbean Coconana Smoothie - Jennifer Whiteford

Mango-licious Smoothie - Bri Rohne

Berry-Blast Smoothie - Bri Rohne

Bourbon-Berry Smoothie - Bri Rohne

Iced Mocha Café - Jennifer Whiteford

Pine-Berry Smoothie - Julia Brucker

Berry-green Protein Shake - Julia Brucker

Berry-nut smoothie - Karen Butowsky