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single serving pouches

our single serving whey protein pouches provide an easy-to-transport way to deliver 20+ grams of protein on the go. toss them in your gym bag, your desk drawer or pack them for that upcoming kayak or backpacking adventure.

1oz Digestive Health – Vanilla Honey

CODE: ps100


prized by pastry chefs everywhere, our vanilla bean is grown organically in Madagascar and blended with organic Greek nonfat yogurt and lightly sweetened with organic honey.

1oz Hunger Control – Fair Trade Certified Dark Chocolate Cocoa

CODE: ps101


celebrated centuries ago as a health - enhancing food of the gods - we add fair trade certifiedTM organic cacao beans - real, dark chocolate flavor blended with organic oat bran and blue agave inulin, fiber rich super foods.

1oz Mediterranean – Fruit & Vegetable Blend

CODE: ps102


offering 2 full servings of organically grown vegetables and fruits** including naturally flavorful mangos, pineapples, bananas, raspberries, carrots and more!

1oz Organic Blueberry Whey Protein

CODE: po106


muffins, pie, and pancakes. blueberries have a well-deserved reputation for being irresistibly delicious. they are often overlooked as being super-nutritious, but not by us. organically grown and rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. freshly picked flavor.

1oz Organic Bourbon Vanilla Whey Protein

CODE: po102


prized by pastry chefs everywhere, its a vanilla bean which was first grown on the island of Bourbon, just off the coast of Madagascar. grown organically. no alcohol. full of flavor.

1oz Organic Coffee Whey Protein

CODE: po108


sourcing organic coffee from the descendants of the Mayans where the finest coffee beans in Mexico are grown. slow roasted to deliver a medium rich blend of flavor and body - mixing coffee and whey protein has never been easier.

1oz Organic Fair Trade Dark Chocolate Whey Protein

CODE: po101


celebrated centuries ago as a health- enhancing food of the gods. better known today as a sinfully sweet temptation. we return to its roots. fair trade organic cacao beans from Brazil. rich, real, dark chocolate flavor. beneficial antioxidants.

1oz Organic Plain Whey Protein

CODE: po100


plain and simple. a blank canvas. the pure essence of tera'swhey. unflavored, unsweetened plain whey just waiting for you to add your favorite fruit, yogurts and juices. organic, simple, perfect.

1oz Plain Goat Whey Protein

CODE: pg100


goat whey contains valuable nutrients and digest much easier than cow's milk. a great tasting alternative for those who may be allergic to cow whey protein - now as simple as it gets - plain, unsweetened goat whey.

1oz Pomegranate Cranberry Goat Whey Protein

CODE: pg107


deliciously dynamic duo of superfruits - pomegranate and cranberry. the results are powerful. fantastic fruit flavor. a healthy punch of antioxidants. domestically produced, naturally enjoyed.